Compare values in 2 datasets

i think i know the answer, but thought i would ask anyway.

I have 2 data sets, 1 is member activity the other is emails. i want to build a simple guardrail report, that checks to see that every active member received 1 email.

I can’t easily join the datasets because it becomes a many-to-many join and the whole thing is unmanageable and i would prefer not to have to maintain multiple separate datasets for individual visuals.

is there a way to compare to aggregated numbers from two separate datasets?

i.e. KPI gauge - the target is Total active members, value is total emails.

Hi @j_j_Ramsay
what kind of datasource are you using?
Can you aggregate / join them outside QuickSight?

I can’t unfortunately, 1 is a sql query from a Postgres db and the other is a mongoDB backup, so I can’t join them easily without going through a whole AWS Glue ordeal upstream. This is what I’m trying to avoid, but increasingly looking like its the only option

@j_j_Ramsay do you have the member within the email table?