Comparing how registration is trending compared to last year in Quicksight

I’m building a dashboard for a conference where I want to see how the number of active participants on a mobile app used by the event is trending compared to last year. The challenge is that the event is a day later compared to last year. So I can’t rely on the descriptions here on working with the date field.

Assume my date looks something like this:

Which needs to be made to represent something like this:

Which can then be visualised like this:

TLDR: I’m not sure how to make the " Number of Days before the event" field to active users across both events even though they are on different dates.

Thank you for all your help!

Thanks for your question @Tim_groot.

@DylanM and @duncan could you look at this Monday morning?


Thank you Kristin - appreciate your and the teams help with this :pray:


Hello @Tim_groot !

You could try using addDateTime on your event start date field first. So something like this:

addDateTime(1, 'DD', {Event Start Date})

Let me know if that works in the calculation from the blog you linked above!

Hi @duncan thanks for the idea. I’m not sure if that would work as addDateTime enables me to add a specific number of days to a date as far as I understand?

Whereas what I need is the difference between two days as a column e.g. how many days is there between the Activation Date and the Event Creation Date.

I can then turn that into a cumulative count to know how many users were active 1, 2, 3, 4 days before the event.

Hello @Tim_groot !

I’m sorry about the late reply, and thank you for clarifying that for me! In that case I would suggest using dateDiff: