Comparison format in gauge chart

Can we get the ability to format the comparison in a gauge chart? In the example below my values do not have any decimal places but the comparison (shown as a percentage here) has 2 decimal places and there is no way to change it.

KPI visuals have an option to format the comparison the same way as the value. Can we get the same option for gauge charts?

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Hi David_Wong,

You can format the values in your gauge chart by expanding the field well > down arrow > count format > More formatting options > then choose the data type and number of decimal places you want. Make sure to do so for any values in your field well for this chart.

Hi Peter,

In my example the value is 357 and the target value is 454. I have no problem setting the number of decimal places for those two values. My issue is that I can’t set the number of decimal places for the comparison (i.e. the number below the arc).

In my original screenshot my value and target value have no decimal places but the comparison is forced to have 2 decimal places.

That feature is not currently available in QuickSight. I will mark this post for review for a feature request.

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Is this feature being worked on?