Completed 1 year as a QuickSight user

Hi QuickSight Team,

After switching One BI tool to QuickSight is really a good experience I know it is pretty new tool in BI market but it has all the capabilities with the top two competitor 1. Tableau & 2. Power BI . For last 1 year QuickSight added many functionalities with every new releases so its a good part about QuickSight.

As a QuickSight day-to-day user I am facing lot of challenges because of some simple things. I have highlighted all the points.

1. Separate section for each field area, String Data area, Measure Area, Calculated Field Area

Currently QuickSight has not this capabilities so it is very difficult to mange all the fields available in the datasets area/analysis area.

This is the below snap for the Tableau visualization area where the String data and Numeric data are present in two section.


2. Duplicating the calculated field

Duplicating the calculating field is very time consuming when we are trying to create multiple calculated field for a datasets/analysis.

PFB the picture where you can see the different options for calculated field where I highlighted the duplicate option.


3. Rename Setting menu bar to Layout and remove the Community menu bar.

The Setting menu name is not appropriate for a BI user instead of Setting menu can you changed it into Layout so it is very simple and easy to understanding the user who want to use the Layout option also the Community menu bar is not needed in the analysis area because we have already the community link in the home page with account profile menu so it will be best if you remove the Community menu and resize the remaining 7 menu on the analysis area.

I highlighted the Setting menu bar Instead of Setting can we changed it into Layout so it is more convenient name instead of Setting.

Please check the community menu bar also is it required to put it into the analysis area because the Community option is already available in the profile menu.

4. Copy formatting from one Visual to another Visual

Currently QuickSight has not the capabilities to copy the formatting and use it into the another visual. Yes we have the Duplicating visual options but we don’t want to remove all the column from the field list and prepare it again is always time consuming process.

PFB the snap where I highlighted copy format from one visual and paste it into another visual.


5. Filter Data Sorting & Filter Apply button is currently not available

Currently QuickSight is not provided the functionalities of Sorting the field data in a filter view and also the Apply button is not available .

PFB the snap where the Apply button is there on the dimension filter.


These are the list of 5 all the Basics point.

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Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Hi @Biswajit_1993 - Good details, it will be good if you can attach a screenshot as well to show the limitation and this will surely help aws team to check in upcoming days.

Good to hear, you used QuickSight from last 1 year :slight_smile:
Regards - San

Regarding your point #1, you can create folders in your dataset to group your dimensions and measures. I think it’s quite flexible but it would be nice if calculated fields that are created at the analysis level could also be moved to folders.

HI @Sanjeeb thanks for comment I have added all the snap shots for better understanding.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Hi @David_Wong Thanks for your revert I never used this folder options which is available in Dataset area I checked it yes it is very convenient to handle the Dimension and measure part.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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Thanks @Biswajit_1993 for the details… Thanks @David_Wong for giving an alternative approach. I believe let’s wait and get responses from experts for other ones as well.

I will also have a look on these issues one by one.

Regards - San