Compute sum of last 3 months volume

What are the possible ways to get the running total for last n months.
Im currently using windowsum but if i apply a date filter the result is incorrect.

windowSum(sum({volume}),[{period} ASC],3,0)-{Total Volume}
result: the figures are correct in this screenshot

But if i apply a date filter. the result is incorrect. In screenshot below, i filtered to start on March 2023.


Hi @ctine

Applying a regular date filter to the table will filter out the data from the previous period and hence you are not able to see the last 3 months aggregated values for the initial periods.

Please create a calculated field like below and include this as filter with control enabled . And remember to remove the existing filter as well.

minOver(min({period}), [{period}])

Please refer to QuickSight democentral examples for more details.


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thank you @apjvinod appreciate your help