Compute value based on selected item

i have a list of persons (name, country, age). I made a filter on name and I want to show the mean age of the persons who belongs to the same country of the selected person.
Could you help me to do this please?

@adel_safi - Thank you for posting your query. Please create a calculated field with the following expression. Hope this helps!

avgOver(age, [country], PRE_FILTER)

Providing a sample snapshot where I tried to replicate the scenario below.

Sample Dataset:


Sample Output:

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Hi @adel_safi, we recently work on a feature called “nested filter” which is exactly targeting on your use case. Basically it uses one filter (in your case name) to find the set of country to further filter on the visual calculation. @Rushabh_Vora is the PM of the feature, we can enable preview for you if you are interested. Also cc @mahak_garg

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