Conditional Formating Percentile

Suppose I have data like [0, 2, 3, 23, 34, 45, 456, 565] and I need to calculate what percentile each values would fall in.

For example if I have to calculate what percentile would 45 value fall in?

p = (n/N)*100 where n is number of data points below the value 45 and N is total number of data points

Plugging in those values would give 63th percentile for the value 45.

Similarly for value 565, it would be 88th Percentile and I need to calculate for each of the data points of a given column. I didn’t find proper function to calculate this in QuickSight.

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Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, so there are a few percentile calculations in QuickSight, but they mostly work when you are trying to find a specific percentile value. Utilizing something like percentileCont or percentileContOver if you want to look at a window or partition of data, you would be able to find something like the 50th percentile within your data.

This wouldn’t provide the percentile for each of your values, but you could create calculated fields to get certain percentiles within the field. Let me know if this helps!

Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, since we have not heard back from you in a few days, I wanted to check in and see if my above response helped resolve the issue you are facing. If so, please mark my above reply as the solution. Otherwise, can you follow-up with some more information and I can help guide you further. If we do not hear back from you in 3 days, I will close this topic. Thank you!

Hello Dylan,

Thanks for your response and I have tried your solution. But I need percentile value for all the values in a column. So, I don’t think that solution will work for the problem I have. Sure please close the topic and thanks for your response.

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Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an alternate option to create those percentile values in calculated fields. Depending on your datasource, you may have success building them using custom SQL in your dataset and then bringing those values into QuickSight. That is the most likely way you will be able to get these values into your analysis.

Thank you for following up!

Hello @DylanM,

Thanks for the response and yes I did the same thing. By any chance this would be added in QuickSight in near future?

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Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, I am unable to provide timelines for feature requests, but I will make sure to tag this topic as such. I highly recommend keeping an eye on the What’s New section of the community to stay up to date with new feature deployments.

For now, I will archive this topic for our support team so they can view the request. Thank you!