Conditional Formatting: Bar Graphs & Line Charts

Is it possible to conditionally format bar graphs and line charts? I know the QuickSight documentation says it is only available for gauge charts, KPIs, Pivot tables & tables, but I am wondering if there is a workaround that anyone has discovered?

If not, how do we have this raised as a feature request?! Would be great to have. I have a lot of customers that I work with who like to have their bar graphs and line graphs formatted based on RAG conditions.


We have an internal product feature request (PFR) in place to support conditional formatting of bar and line charts.
Please reach out to your AWS Account Manager/Technical Account Manager or Solutions Architect with additional context about your use case and they can add your ask to the PFR.

If you don’t have an assigned AWS rep, please feel free to email me your organization name and use case and I will add it to the PFR.