Conditional Formatting for each separate dimension

I tried to use conditional formatting for the stickiness metric.

I want that the conditional formatting will be separated for each platform - Android,Canvas and iOS.
Unfortunately, the conditional formatting is applied to all platforms together.
Is there a way to separate them?


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@Eldad_Levi - You have used Pivot Table and the formatting is on the Stickiness column, which spans across the dimension field (which contains the 3 values you mentioned). In case you want to specify conditional formatting separately for these 3 dimension values, then you need to create 3 measure calculated fields like Android Stickiness, Canvas Stickiness and IOS Stickiness and use a table visualization. That will allow you to select these 3 calculated fields separately and apply their dedicated conditional formatting. Example of one such metric definition would be :

Android Stickiness : ifelse(dimension = “Android”, Stickiness, 0)

Likewise you can create other measures. Hope this helps!

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Hey @sagmukhe, Thanks for responding.
Actually it is not good enough.
I have 15 metrics that I want to display and it is not scalable to do that for each metric.
In addition, I have two more dimensions besides the platform. Again - Not scalable.

I hope there is another smart way to do that.
If not - I’ll be happy that you will develop that option.


Thank you @Eldad_Levi for your feedback. I personally am not aware of any other ideas.

As far as the request of developing that option is concerned, I don’t have much insight about QuickSight’s roadmap regarding this feature. I am tagging few QuickSight Team members, who would be able to provide you either with the some renewed ideas to solve the problem and/or share some details around the possibility of this being available in near future. Thank you!

@gillepa @Wakana @Kellie_Burton @EnriqueS @Asem @Koushik_Muthanna

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Thanks a lot.
Waiting for other experts answers.