Conditional Formatting not working with Quicksight SDK

Hi Team,

I am getting below error when trying to create table visual with conditional formatting using Quicksight SDK.

[{Type: INVALID_CONDITIONAL_FORMATTING_EXPRESSION,Message: Error while parsing conditional formatting expression: {Base Facts.Units} > 2000. Error : Unsupported expression: {Base Facts.Units} > 2000, Errors: Didn’t find field Base Facts.Units,ViolatedEntities: [{Path: sheet/e0070b77-c321-4648-8543-30ce15ea8e84/visual/b7245506-1442-492c-90e6-6dd0049642df}]}

Can someone please help me on this

Hi @anshul1243
stupid questions first. Are you sure the field exists?

Hi @ErikG ,

Please note, this field is present in dataset json as well as in analysis json, also when I have created visual manually on Quicksight with same configuration it is created but when I try to extract json for manaully created visual(using SDK) and compare it with mine it is exactly same, also when I try to update the analysis name for extracted json and try to create it using SDK it is giving me same error.


Based on your screenshot it looks like the field name is BaseFacts.Units, without a space in the middle, which is what looks like it is failing in your OP.

As it not worked with space I tried removing space still getting same error

And the field is part of the sheet and visual?

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@ErikG Yes it is part of sheet and visual, here the point is if I try to create visual with conditional format manully and extract its json then try to push the same json itself using SDK i am getting this issue.

Hello @anshul1243, I see here that the field name is BaseFacts.Units but it is also existing within the BaseFacts folder. Have you been able to target other fields within that folder in a similar way through the SDK? I am thinking you need to reference the Folder name as well as the full field name to target it appropriately. Or it could possibly be that you need to reference which datasource view it is linked to since you are joining them in QuickSight.

Those are the most likely solutions I can think of based on the information provided above. If you were able to figure out a solution please let me know, otherwise what were some of the other fixes that you have attempted?

Hello @anshul1243, I am going to go ahead and mark my previous response as the solution. If my suggestions still don’t lead you to a fix, please post a new question in the community and link this question to provide relevant information. That will ensure you are at the top of the priority list to receive a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you!

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