Conditional formatting on null values

Is it possible to set a cell level conditional value based on the value being null? We have been unable to find the setting. Thanks!

You need to go to the field values. Select format and more formatting options.


Then you can edit the Null values

Right but I’d actually like conditional COLORS based on a null value. It’s usually asking me for an exact match or numbers between x y z and I want the cell to turn Red if it’s null.

Conditional formatting can only be applied based on the Values. If it’s null the count of it will be zero. So you can check if the count is zero and if so return red as a background color.


How would that work for a null “Date Type”

I’d like the cell to be “Red” if there’s the column has a value of “null” (which I have changed the display for so that it says “no upcoming visit scheduled”

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 5.23.42 PM

Similarly for a “Text” field where there’s no aggregation?

make a calculated field that aggregates it. If it’s null then it will be zero.


Then conditionally format the field based on the new field.