Conditional formatting per row - highest value

Is there a way to use conditional formatting to show me which value of the column is the highest?

ROWS: list of brands
COLUMNS: list of countries
VALUE: revenue

Hi @Patrizia_Buompastore
I assume that its for the Pivot Table.

First Option:
Out of the box solution: Please use gradient fill type in conditional formatting.

Second Option
If you want to highlight only the top and not the other values,
You can use a calculated field to compute the rank for the Value by countries.
rank([sum(Sales) DESC], [Industry])

You can then use it in the conditional formatting to highlight only the top value. Please see the image below. Is this the expected outcome? Here the product with highest sales in each industry is highlighted.

If you want to highlight the Industry with highest sales in each product just change the rank as below:

rank([sum(Sales) DESC], [Product])


Hi Vetri,

I followed you instructions, however only 1 single value is highlighted for me. I h ave the exact same case as you, with countries (columns) and names(rows)

and I used this formula rank by country = rank([sum(revenue) DESC], [‘country’])