Conditional Rules - Parameter Input to Render Visuals


I wanted to know if anyone has been able to use parameter to apply conditional rules to render visualisation to appear or hide, but doing this with an AND condition rather than an OR condition?

So what do I mean? Let’s say I have two parameter controls.

Parameter 1 contains the options: dog, cat, mouse

Parameter 2 contains the options: pony, donkey, horse

I want to click on one of my visuals and apply a rule for the visualisation to render visible if parameter 1 is equal to “dog” AND parameter 2 is equal to “horse”. I should see the visualisation appear.

At the moment it appears it is only an OR condition so are unable to use multiple parameters to render a visualisation.

Yet to find a work around (if there is one I would be keen to know).

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. I have many examples :slight_smile:


One option you might explore is to create a new parameter Parameter 3 that will be controlled via Navigation Action.
Create a calculated field with the AND... condition inside and ifelse statement:

ifelse( in('dog', ${Parameter 1}) AND  in('horse', ${Parameter 1}), 'dog and horse', null)

Add this calculated field into the visual you want to click. Then set an Action (of type Navigation Action) on that visual that sets Parameter 3 to the value of this calculated field.

Finally, set the conditional rule for the visaul you want to show/hide to be Parameter 3 equals ‘dog and horse’