Conditional Table level sum and percentile

I’m working with AWS cost export data and want to allocate SavingPlanRecurringFee to AWS account groups in a proportion each account group is having SavingsPlanCoveredUsage.

The specific issues I’m having:

  • ‘SavingsPlanRecurringFee’ appears in dataset only in one row for each billing period. How to make that available to row level calculations specifically where ‘line_item_line_item_type’ is ‘SavingsPlanCoveredUsage’?
  • In order to calculate the percentage ‘SavingsPlanCoveredUsage’ I need to calculate sumOver ‘SavingsPlanCoveredUsage’ for each row.

Please see also attached screenshot from excel. There’s example cost export data (first 4 columns). Followed by some calculated fields (CALC-prefix). Finally pivot table shows the desired outcome.

Example data in csv format:

P.s. I created Dataset in Arena but I couldn’t figure out how to share that in the question.

Hi @ville.karkkainen ,

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You can find a short introduction including screenshots here:

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Hi @ville.karkkainen

I tried to build a solution for your request in Arena.

Conditional Table

I created three fields:

  1. Only filter for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage : Cost for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage
    {line_item_line_item_type} = "SavingsPlanCoveredUsage",
  1. Sum the Costs for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage: SumOver SavingsPlanCoveredUsage
SumOver(sum({Cost for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage}))
  1. Calculate the percentage value: Percentage Value
sum({Cost for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage}) / {SumOver SavingsPlanCoveredUsage}

Was this what you are thinking about?

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Thanks for your efforts, they we’re helpful and directed me to correct direction!

However there’s still one step to go. ‘SavingsPlanRecurringFee’ appear only once in dataset for each ‘bill_billing_period_start_date’ value (i.e. once for each month). Do you have any advice how to then use that value and calculate the sum for each account? i.e. Percentage Value * SavingsPlanRecurringFee.

I was able to get the desired results by adding the following three new fields:

  1. CALC_savings_plan_recurring_fee
    {line_item_line_item_type} = "SavingsPlanRecurringFee",
  1. CALC_savings_plan_recurring_fee_sum
  1. CALC_savings_plan_recurring_fee_share
{CALC_savings_plan_covered_usage_percentage} * {CALC_savings_plan_recurring_fee_sum}
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Also to take billing period in to account to correctly count recurring fee I modified the recurring fee as follows:

  1. CALC_savings_plan_recurring_fee_sum

Actually at least one thing still remains. In Analysis I need to be able to filter based on account_name (CALC_account_group). Now savings plan usage and percentage are calculated over the filtered rows. However, that’s wrong. Savings plan usages and percentages must always be calculated over entire dataset.

Hi @ville.karkkainen,

the issue is, that QS filters the account_name and then runs the sumOver function.
When using PRE_FILTER option in your calculation you can calc the sumOver function before filtering is done.

sumOver({Cost for SavingsPlanCoveredUsage},[], PRE_FILTER )

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I’m just checking in on this question, as we have not heard back from you. Did the response from @Nico help? If so, please mark his reply as solution, if we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.
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Yes it helped and I’ve managed to create desired solution in QuickSight. Very positive feeling about this community support and especially big thanks to @Nico for being very helpful and quick in response!

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