Conditionally format word cloud visual

Is there a way to change the color of a selection made in a word cloud to show the user instead of just bold text as it appears by default?

Is it possible to color groups in the word cloud? Say you had varying cities in two states. Could each of these states be color-coded?


Word cloud has Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Dallas color would be blue
San Francisco and Los Angeles would be green ( or another color of my choice)

Hi Jennipher! Excited to see you join our Community. At this time, our word cloud visual does not support any conditional formatting or allow you to change color options in the settings of the visual. The color of the words will be controlled by the primary foreground color of the stylesheet applied.

Correct, just adding you can manually change the color of any word by clicking on it, but cannot color them conditionally or with a grouping field.