Configure Parameter with dynamic value based on value of another parameter


I have a use case where I want the user to select what field to view in X axis and Y axis out of a list of 3 fields. I want to configure the parameter so that the field already selected in X axis does not show under selection option in Y axis and vice versa.

How can I configure the parameter for such scenario?


I don’t know if this is possible.

Have you looked into cascading filters?

Thanks @Max for the suggestion. I looked up cascading filters and for this case I do not see it as possible.
Let me add a bit more detail.
Parameter 1 named Xmeasure has 3 defined values : Profit, Sales and Quantity
Parameter 2 named Ymeasure has 3 defined values : Profit, Sales and Quantity
These 2 fields determine the X vs Y in a chart. So when I select Profit in X, it should be removed from Y automatically as Profit Vs Profit does not make sense to view. Since the values are hard coded here in the parameter, I am finding it difficult to configure them dynamically.

Yes, what you are looking for is currently not possible.

I can mark it as a feature request.

Hi @prantika_sinha. This has been marked as a feature request. As a result, I will archive this question.

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