Connect timeline currency conversion rate related items

Please can any one support
I have many tables connected together
Table 1 have data of Stores daily transactions like revenue, orders etc…
Table 2 have data of Stores data like store name, store id, store currency
Table 3 have data of currency conversion rate in daily base for example we have 5 currency types USD,INR,AUD,EUR,EGP so it has daily conversion rates for those 5 currency

already i connect table 2 to table 1 to get stores data in database and it’s working normally no problem.
But when i connect table 3 to table 2 to get the conversion rate for each currency it is connecting but it gives me blank in database after connection

what i want?
1-if possible i want for each Store / transaction date to give me average over related MM-YYYY at same MM-YYYY of conversion rate
2-if number 1 is difficult so can i only appear average conversion rate for related currency over all table 3 time

Hi @kareem - is it possible to share sample data files of your tables. We’ll be able to make sense of your data and recommend. What are the join types you are using - inner, outer?