Connecting dots in Scatter Plot

Hello, is there a way of connecting the dots of a scatter plot with a line?
This seems like a basic chart property but I haven’t found any way of doing so.


Hi fmacias
this may help you.
New scatter plot options in Amazon QuickSight to visualize your data | AWS Business Intelligence Blog

Did this solution work for you? I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community!

It did not resolve the question.

I have a related question in this thread, in which I was looking to generate a CDF plot. One way of doing so is via scatter plot but unfortunately there is no way to connect the dots, and it appears to be not supported.

Requested in the thread to treat it as a feature request for the QuickSight team to implement.

Thread is: