Connecting QuickSight to postgres RDS in private subnet

I’ve signed up for QuickSight standard account and I’ve been trying to connect to an RDS that lives in the same region but in a private subnet.
I could see the RDS selection from QuickSight Datasource → RDS (drop-down list).

I’ve selected it and filled the DB credentials but it failed to connect (SSL validate).
in AWS official documentation, they’re suggesting exposing the private subnets on the routeing table and I’ve done that and the connection was established successfully. But I don’t want to keep my RDS exposed to public traffic.
That has been said, I’ve already whitelisted QuickSight IP from the security group in the same region

How can I connect QuickSight to my private RDS without exposing the subnet to public traffic


The following articles target Aurora, but the method is the same.

Did you add a VPC connection from the QuickSight admin screen?
Add it and try to make a selection when connecting to the data source.

I also have the same problem. Although I have kept RDS in private network. I am not able to see “Connection Type” while adding the RDS as datasource in DataSets. Is it possible in standard edition or this is only possible in Enterprise edition?


To access private vpc and on-prem , you would require enterprise edition . Please find the differences between standard and enterprise editions : Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services ( Click on compare )