Connection timedout error on quicksight while connecting to redshift


I am trying to connect Redshift to Quicksight. I followed the steps layed out in this documentations Authorizing connections from Amazon QuickSight to Amazon Redshift clusters - Amazon QuickSight. I am getting “connection timedout” error every time I try to validate connection on Quicksight.

PFB the error details:

region: us-east-1
timestamp: 1715602430470
requestId: 2289df40-802a-457f-97c6-c392132bf9b9
sourceErrorMessage: Connection attempt timed out.

Please help me resolve the issue

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Hello @vishekha, welcome to the QuickSight community!

Is the Redshift account you are linking present in the same AWS account and region as the QuickSight account? Or are you bringing in Redshift from a different account/region and utilizing a VPC? Also, did you manage access requirements on QuickSight and Redshift? Both need permissions in order to establish the connection.

With more information about how you set up this connection, I can guide you further. Thank you!

  1. Redshift and Quicksight are in the same AWS account. and region
  2. I created security groups: quicksight-security-group
    inbound rules:
    type: custom TCP
    protocol: TCP
    port range: 8192 (port number for redshift cluster)
    source: redshift-security-group
    outbound rules: allow all traffic custom
  3. secutrity group: redshift-security-group
    nbound rules:
    type: custom TCP
    protocol: TCP
    port range: 8192 (port number for redshift cluster)
    source: quicksight-security-group
    outbound rules: allow all traffic custom
  4. added redshift-security-group underNetwork and security settings for the redshift cluster
  5. created VPC connection using the id for quicksight-security-group

Hi @vishekha - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. Can you also update the redshift security group and allow inbound traffic from the below QuickSight IPs ( depending upon region).

Regards - Sanjeeb

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This worked. Thank you