Constant Target Setting in QuickSight Dashboard

I need to add a constant data in QuickSight which helps in setting up target and tracking if target is met for usage. Data will look like below-

In this target should remain constant irrespective of student participation or not week on week manner. Student participation will be a dynamic data. The idea is to send red flags when expected usage is not met

Looking forward if someone can help on this

Hi @Akshu

Does this calculated field work?

count({total students}) * 2

Then use that field with your other calculations as well?

How to make it constant if usage is zero or blank in some places

Hi @Akshu

If it’s blank it will be blank. There is no way currently to display data in a blank row (data not there).

For 0 you could do an ifelse check.

ifelse({total students}=0,YOUR_CONSTANT, count({total students}) * 2)