Contr. points in calculated field (Struggling on fixing a number)

Hi all, I am creating a calculate field for the cont. YoY of the variable IMP grouped by Categories.

(sum({YoY Delta IMP})*{LY CTR}/{LY Clicks}*100) - then added to Category table (rows=categories)

When I add this variable to the visual (table), the result is breakdown by the defined Group by which is Category. However, for the purpose of the formula, LY Clicks should remain at highlevel to calculate the IMP contribution by Category (in other words, I don’t want the visual to impact/breakdown that specific part of the calculated field).

Is there any way to fix this value?

Hi @Javier,
I believe what you are looking for is a level aware calculation in your numerator (LY Clicks). I am not able to give specifics since I cannot see your underlying calculations. The following links should help. If you need further assistance, please include screenshots and further example calculations.

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