Control Chart Confidence Interval

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I saw a video in Tableau where someone builds a control chart to include the confidence intervals and the average line. From the screenshot below, the confidence interval is 95%.

In QuickSight, I added the average line with a reference line. When I tried to include the confidence interval with a reference line, I saw that there is the option to choose the percentile value but not the confidence interval. Is it possible to include the confidence interval?
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Currently you can only do a percentile value.

I can mark this as a feature request.

Good afternoon Max,
Thank you so much for the response. In the future, it would be great if the confidence interval can be added as a feature.

Iā€™m wondering whether I can achieve the same result by doing the following: creating a calculated field for the confidence interval, and adding a reference line with the calculated field. I will try it and see what it gives.

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Did you manage to use the calculated field and did it work for you. If yes, Could you please share the approach.