Control hovering - 3 dots appearance


I have an embedded analytics dashboard.
the dashboard is assembled from a left vertical filters menu and visual object across the layout.
When hovering above the filter control in the filter menu, the 3 dots containing Refresh, Reset and Showing only relevant values.
When I hovering out the control, the 3 dots remains and doesn’t fade out/disappear.
it does disappear after hovering above the control again, but it isn’t constant.
Is there any solution for this?



There is no option yet. Specially in embedded dashboard its little irritate end user. although these dots giving us an option to reset the complex filters.

I think QS team, make it optional within “Advanced publish option” for the ease of user to handle it based on their needs.

As there some good features in “Advanced publish option” already.

Naveed Ali

Hi @Naveed

Using the options within advanced publish option doesn’t really fix it.
It seems like a bug in the embedding zone.

Kind regards,

Hi amico,

It’s not a bug, as it can be used to reset filter. In my customer experience, end user change filters many times but forget to reavers the filter and report an issue. So in my opinion it required in some cases. :slight_smile:

I agreed with you it will create some mess when using it in embedded apps.

Naveed Ali

Hi Naveed/Amico,

I am having this experience as well. I think that the that the three dots themselves are a feature, but the inconsistency of how they fade away is a bug. Since sometimes if you click off the control they do disappear, but other times they don’t.


@rbrady I agree.
The main problem is the inconsistency.