Control on visual as a parameter for the whole dashboard

I’m trying to use different field texts as an input for a parameter and to control the whole dashboard. Is this possible with quicksight. eg: when I click on the keyword the whole tab should be keyword specific, then if I click on search term it should be search term specific and etc


Good day,

Are you able to clarify whether you’d like to:
a) Have a box on the page for keyword and a box for search, then when you click o these it changes the behaviour? Essentially acting like buttons.
b) Or click on a specific keyword or a specific search then the page changes?
c) Or something else…

For a) you could use a control on the page and for b) you can use “Actions” and the “Navigation Action” type to direct to the same sheet setting the parameters.

Let me know some more detail and I can explain further.

Hi Rob,
It is the first one, have a box on the page for keyword and when you click on keyword it changes.

Hi, @AnjanaShanmugam .Were you able to test using controls as suggested by @robkc . Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking his answer as a “Solution.

No, it’s not the solution. I’m still looking for it.