Converting Date Field Data from YYYY-MM-DD into MMM-YYYY With Date Format only

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I have Date field value is ‘2023-03-16’ want to convert into Mar-2023 with calculated field and the return type should be Date only. Yes custom date format is there but I need as a calculated field.

@Biswajit_1993 : Can you please provide more info on the requirement
‘2023-03-16’ convert to Mar-2023 which is date format but the requirement can be achieved by different way. or else one of the solution is custom sql and convert it at SQL level.

You can always present 2023-03-16 as Mar 2023 at analysis level and achieve the requirement.

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Hi @Biswajit_1993 ,

For a return type of format to be date, you need to have a date . For example ( 2023-03-16 ) . March-2023 is just a visual representation .

If the output of your calculated field is ‘March-2023’ , then it is a string.

The supported date formats in QuickSight ( Supported date formats - Amazon QuickSight ) .

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Thanks @Sanjeeb2022 for sharing your idea yes we have the capabilities of Custom Sql but I want to know in terms of Date function if there are any Date function available or not.

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Thanks @Koushik_Muthanna .

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