Copy formatting from one visual to another

In many of my dashboards, I use similarly formatted charts and tables. BTW, it’s very cool to have them all interconnected with quick actions.

However, I could really use a way to copy and reapply the formatting from one visual to another. Even a very limited first version, i.e. only between visuals of the same type, it would same me a lot of time and errors.

If you make a duplicate of a visual this should work.


Hi @Gabriel_R! Did Max’s solution work for you? If so, could you help the Community out by marking it as Solution (check box under his comment)?

Let’ us know if you have any other questions on this. Thanks!

No, it’s not what I’m looking for.

What are you looking for?

Can you give an example?

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I have a dashboard with 12 charts, (6 KPI and 6 bar charts)
I’d like a “Copy format” button that allows replicating all formatting options from a chart to another. This would include all font, color, axis and title showing/hiding, etc.
It would (probably) not include any content settings, like specific titles or field labels.

This is not possible.

Duplicating a visual will include everything you are looking for but will still have the title and sub title.

Hi @Max in some scenarios we don’t need the entire duplication of visual only need the format like ( Color, alignment, size of the text ,legend, data level) all the things in a one go. When you do duplication of the report then again we need to remove the field from Group By & Value field well that is always time consuming process.

I think @Gabriel_R also need the same things.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Yes. I’ll mark it as a feature request.