Copying Data Table to Gsheet


My readers want to copy and paste data directly from dashboard table to google sheet for quicker actions. This appears to be impossible as all the data is copied in 1 column only instead of in table format. I think this is not a permission restriction as I, an admin still cannot do this.

Could you please give me some instructions on this issue?


Hey @tructran ,

your readers could export the sheets as csv or excel and import them. I’m not sure but when you copy and paste a table you don’t copy the structure maybe there is a way to actually copy it, I haven’t found it yet.
I would really recommend the export-import way, it is way less error-prone.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your response, it is very helpful. I also recommend readers to use the export-import feature for a more accurate way to work with data, however I still think this copy-and-paste way should still be available for faster ad-hoc actions. If there is no way to copy and paste tables with table format to Gsheet yet then I would like to mark this thread as a feature request.


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I have marked this as a feature request. Thanks!