Couldn't Save ifelse calculated field


Im trying to calculate this:

ifelse({Description}=“Direct Task” AND {Percentajes}>0.5,“Si”,“No”)

I tried a lot of difference forms to obtain the result but always get the same error:
“We encountered an error trying to save your calculated field. Please try creating it again.”

I tried to change field names but its not working.


Hi @lcarlosg - welcome to the QuickSight Community! Thanks for posting your question. I’m not sure why you got the error. I tried with some dummy data and it’s working fine. Here is my calculated field:

ifelse((description=‘Direct Task’) AND (percentage>0.5), ‘Y’, ‘N’)

Please see the link of my dashboard: If_Else_Test_Dashboard

Please let us know if this solves your problem.

Still error. I tried with your formula but…

This is odd! Would you mind creating a technical support case?

Hi @lcarlosg
Just to make sure. The fields are string and number?

Yes. Description is String and Percentage number

Did you try to save the calculation for every AND part of its own to see if it is the combination or something else?

Sorry for the late answer i was on Holidays,

Yes, if I save them separately it works.

Maybe this week i will try to generate a new dataset.


I tried create a new dataset but i got the same error. :frowning:

Could it be because the percentage field looks like this?


I think my problem is with “AND” because i cant save a calculated field with two strings fields…

Hi @lcarlosg
do you create the calculated field on database level?
Did you try to create it on analysis level?

Hi @ErikG
If i try to create it on analysis level i got this error: