Count Duplicates values in a Column

Hi All,
Looking for an answer to count how many are duplicates base on the date
that will show on the pivot table.


Desired output

Hi Edward,

Put date in both groupby and the value field and set the value to count. For the format that you want you’ll want to place date in column and values:

Hi @todd.hoffman

Thank you for responding,
I got confused with ‘count’ and duplicates, I’m looking for a way to only pickup
if there is a duplicate in a column.

Here is an example

The 2nd column “Missing”,“Reconciled” and “Duplicates” are calculated fields that are checking another column let say “Breed”
It will only counts how many are a duplicate.
Here It will show up on the “Duplicate row” ‘1’

By doing ‘count’ you’ll effectively sum the number of times each entry appears thus counting duplicates. You could do this as a calculated field using: count({Breed}) or you can just use Breed in the Value field well. If you don’t want any zeros or nulls to appear you can filter those out on the chart.