Count entries with start date and end date olumns

Hi, I have a table with ids with a start date and end date. I want to get a count of number of ids per day, with the id being active between the start date and end date. Is there a way to do this without changing my table structure? Without creating an entry for each day for the id.

Can you do something like this?

ifelse({start_date}<now() and {end_date}>now(),{id},NULL)

Is now() able to be referenced on the x axis date value? I tried a test a few months ago and didn’t think that worked.

You mean like this?


What if the x axis was a date col from a dataset and I created a calculation with now()?

I wrote this using my dataset and analysis and it works fine as the y-axis with the x-axis being a date.

ifelse(${1stSunday}<now() and ${DateParam}>now(),contactid,NULL)

Hi, I just remembered my use case for now() when it came up.

Is it possible to use now() instead of day in a formula like this? I am not understanding my result. I created a day field that does not skip dates, but it would be nice to not have to fill null dates in my dataset.

windowSum({count_by_completiondate}, [day ASC], 0, 30, [market])