Count string item in same column

Can any one support please
I have a column called “Code” which have string items some is repeated and other is unique i want to add another column calculated field which count how many code items is repeated over the column for example…

Code Counting
X1145 1
X1447 3
X1155 2
X1447 3
X3255 1
X3663 1
X1155 2
X2002 1
X1447 3

countOver({Code}, [{Code}], PRE_AGG)

If it gives you blank values please give more details about whether you are using SPICE and what the underlying datasource is

Yes i’m using SPICE and the data source is SQL

It is strange if that does not work for you with a SPICE dataset. Can you share a screenshot of the visual including field wells you are using?

here is the screenshots for my dataset and calculated field
Code: photo for original column
Calculation: photo of calculated field
Repeated: photo of output calculated field

It seems you created the repeatedcount calculated field at the dataset level. Any aggregated field at the dataset level typically does not show values in the dataset preview but will show values when you use it in analyses that use that dataset. Alternatively, you can also define that calculated field directly in the analysis itself.

Awesome thank you darcoli… Solved