Create a calculated field that gives top3 and bottom3 values

I am trying to get top 3 and bottom 3 fulfillment centers based on a particular metric. I need weekly, monthly, YOY, and YTD numbers for the same top 3 and bottom 3 fulfillment centers. I am using the top and bottom filter and sorting it by the metric but I am getting different fulfillment centers for monthly and YTD numbers. I was thinking of creating a calculated field to get the fulfillment centers and i could use that instead of the top3 bottom3 filter.

The screenshot shows where the FCs should match because I am filtering on the same metric. Would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Hi @hetvichandan -
Welcome to the QuickSight Community! If you set up the ranking filter on a metric value (profit) in the screenshot and apply to the visual you want to show Top 3 (in screenshot example), then the Top 3 fulfillment centers (Industry in screenshot) should be the same across visual. You can also create a ranking calculated field. Here is a link to the rank function documentation with an example.

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Hi! Thank you for responding. I am using the ranking filter currently and it isn’t showing the same FCs for me. I created a calculated field using the rank function that ranks the FCs correctly. I’m trying to use the rank filter function to limit the FCs to top 3 and bottom 3 but I don’t see the rank calc field in the list. Am i doing something wrong here?
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Hello @hetvichandan !

To clarify, you saved your calculated field on the analysis level, and then added it to your table or visual. Then, when you go to apply a top/bottom filter, the filter set up view won’t allow you to see or use the rank calculated field that you made?

Yes, that’s correct! It won’t show the calculated field in the list.

Hi, any updates on this?

I have not heard back from you in a few days, do you have any updates on this?