Create a Child Dataset that is Spice from a Direct Query

I’m trying to work around the limitations of Row level security in Quicksight where you cannot create a child dataset of a SPICE Dataset with RLSS applied.

The Master Dataset is an absolutely enormous (~500 million rows) dataset, and my intention is to use it as a master dataset that I can then take pieces off of.

However, for one of my main purposes, I just want to make a copy of the Direct Query version into spice, so I can take advantage of the SPICE performance.

Is such a thing possible? It doesn’t give me the option to do it.


Dataset always make a query and send to backend (database/files).
Direct query work fine small dataset like dimensions but on fact table not a good approach data retrial will be slower.

You can create view or some prepared data at the back to handle such situation. It will perform super fast instated of run time query with fact table.


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Thank you.

I understand that Direct Query is going to be slow when I’m loading 500 million rows.

I guess I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t require me to maintain multiple versions of the same dataset that are not identical in every way except for the fact that one has RLSS applied and one does not.

The limitations of Quicksight are frustrating, and make it feel half baked when you hit them.

Hi @TRube ,

With RLS , you cannot duplicate a SPICE dataset. But you can use the same SPICE dataset as a new dataset. This new dataset only supports Direct query (with RLS implemented ) , so you are essentially querying the same SPICE dataset.

Without RLS implementation, following possibility

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You can use a SPICE dataset as a source for a direct query?

What are the speed implications?

We ultimately just chose to implement views on snowflake and that is our true “Master” data source. SPICE we deemed too inflexible.