Create a date range parameter

I would like the ability to create a date range parameter to feed into a calculated field. I do not believe this functionality is currently available, so please treat this as a feature request.

My use case:
I am creating a report that will compare KPIs from two distinct date ranges. I am working around this right now by displaying 4 date parameters (2 start dates and 2 end dates for the range comparisons). This makes it difficult to make an intuitive UI for the end users to utilize. I would much prefer being able to surface two date range parameters. Screen shot attached of my current controls section.

Do you need them to be parameters?

You can make a filter that filters to dates between those selected and then add that to the sheet.

Hey Max,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately using the range as a filter will not allow for comparison of two distinct date ranges on a single report (as far as I can tell). I’m using the parameter dates in a calculated field in order to aggregate the KPIs for the given range. See my redacted screen shot for an example of how I am using the parameters in the calculated fields.

You can have two range filters. You would just add another filter and do the same process.

However, if you are using these dates in a calculated view in any way you would need to use parameters.

Hi Chris- Indeed you are correct, it would be nicer to use the between filter & apply it to 2 different parameters. Currently this type of multi parameter control does not exist and only way is with two separate control. From a user experience perspective one way to handle would be to bring the controls to the Sheet and apply some design to visualize group them. As a quick and dirty example please see below.

Ramon Lopez

Thank you for confirming and the helpful ux tip. I would love to submit a feature request for this functionality to be considered for future development. Can you point in in the proper direction to do so please?