Create a group of values is it possible?

In PowerBi i was able to create a calculated field with a group of values taken from another column in my case I want to create a groups of currency based by geographical area.
To then display that data as group Asia , America etc.
In power by there is a feature in the UI to create a group is there anything similar in quicksight or someway i can achieve this?
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Following this - would like to know the same. Wish there was some kind of documentation that could lay out what to use in QuickSight that’s the equivalent to Power BI. So far QuickSight seems to be lacking in terms of creating calculated fields.

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I agree my company is transitioning from PowerBi to Quicksight as we fully deploying our infrastructure on AWS and so far my biggest struggle is understanding how and which functionality is available to achieve similar results from previous visualizations.
A guide would certainly benefit AWS to invite more people to switch to Quicksight.

In QuickSight you can define a parameter that can store multiple values.
When you add parameter control to the sheet, it can retrieve list of values from a field in the dataset to be used later.

At this point in time, QuickSight calculation engine does not ever return a collection of values and cannot consume collection of values coming from some place (such as compare if field value is equal to one of the values of a parameter).

If you describe what you are trying to do, we might be able to suggest a different way to accomplish similar result.

Thank you for the reply.

At the moment I’m trying to create two custom filters that can be toggled on and off.
One will contain a group of values . The other a different group.
So the user doesn’t have to manually select and deselect the group of values one by one from the filter list every time he wants to switch between one group and the other.
The values are currency pairs.

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In the end I used the following solution.(no UI method I could see)
In the dataset I added a calculated field with the following code.

ifelse({CurrencyPair}= ‘EURAUD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCAD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCHF’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURDKK’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURGBP’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURHKD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURJPY’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURSGD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURUSD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURINR’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURMXN’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURKRW’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURBRL’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURTWD’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCNH’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
this automaticly created a field marking certain currency pairs as a group name Developed, and anothe as Group name NonDeveloped. if currency pair value is not specified the rest of the values are assigned Other group name.
With this I can now quicly grate and group my data into a calculated field and then im able to use filters and parameters accordingly.
If there is a better way let me know,