Create a Line graph for Trailing 7 Days,

Please help me create a Line graph for Trailing 7 Days. The graph should update dynamically for Trailing 7 days based on the date picked via the control.

Assuming you have a parameter called $date you simply need to add a line chart and add the following relative date filter on your date/time field being used in the x-axis:


Hi Darren, Thanks! Any way to dynamically update the date control? Right now all I see is that I can set a default static. What I’d want to set is the date to pick up current date as its default.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you can live without having the date selectable and always having everything relative to today’s date, then you choose Set dates relative to Current date time

However, if you still want to have a parameter that is by default set to today’s date, then you would need to implement the workaround mentioned here:

Thank you very much! I will read through this and try to implement this.