Create a mask based on a condition from aggregated metric

Hi I am trying to create a new calculated field which is based on a certain condition. In this table visual I wish to show low-performing restaurants in terms of WoW Change. That is, I wish to create a mask/filter of restaurants who had more than 25% decline in WoW transactions. However I keep getting the mismatched aggregation error.

Transactions = sum(sumOver(1,[{id[payment_record]},{local_timezone_table_sessions}],PRE_AGG))

  • id[payment_record] = unique id of a payment by customer
  • local_timezone_table_sessions = date id

WoW Change = periodOverPeriodPercentDifference(Transactions, {local_timezone_table_sessions}, WEEK, 1)

Instead of returning the restaurant return a hard coded value ‘Low Performer’.

Then I would add a filter to your visual and filter your restaurant [low-performer] field to just ‘Low Performer’.

Hi - I have added the filter yet this isn’t being reflected in my table visual. Instead of showing a subset of restaurants (low-performers), it is still showing all the restaurants where the WoW change is less than -25% and the rest of the restaurants are NULL.

End Goal: I only wish to show a subset of low-performing restaurants in the table rows rather than show all the restaurants.

Can you show me the calculated field you are using for the filter as well as what values you are filtering for?

Also, are you just wanting it to be the most current WoW change? You might need to add a filter to filter just for those as well.