Create a multiline demand forecasting graph

I would like to create a graph like this graph:

I have 2 datasets:

  1. Historical data for each product how many sold till a specific date
  2. Forecast data for each product I have 2 columns: lower or upper level

I want to join these tables by product id and create this graph the problem I’m encountering is that I that the x line can be only the dates of one of the tables (or the historical data dates or forecast dates)

I need to create a graph that starts from the first date in the historical data till the end date of the forecasted data.

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Can you left join on date as well and make one date for both tables?

Then you would have a “type” regular, upper, and lower.

Then you would have the unified date as the x-axis and the “type” as the color

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Hi Max,
Thank you for your quick replay, I have tried that and the dates range is not as expected:

The graph looks like this:

This is the forecasted table data - as you can see the last date is 31/12/2017 and in the graph is till 9/12/23:

Would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Ah, try not to join on date.

And in SQL or quicksight run a case statement.

case when date is null then timestamp else date end

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