Create a parameter for date on an analysis with multiple datasets

how can I create a date parameter that uses different datasets in one analysis?
I have 4 datasets that have different date titles
dataset1 date name utc_time
dataset2 date name creation_datetime
dataset 3 date name utc_time
dataset 4 date name capture_date
all date types are yyy/mm/dd HH:mm:ss

Hi @nsaleh ,

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You can create Date parameter and set default date as fixed date or relative date , then provide format you need while creating control. In this case you can use - YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss

While creating visual with your respective dataset you can use same date parameters to add filter.

Here is quick example -

I have used pSelectedDate to apply filter on Order Date in dataset 1

Similarly , i used pSelectedDate to apply filter on recall notification date in dataset 2

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Hi Neeraj,

Thanks for replying back. This has perfectly worked! didn’t imagine it’s that easy, really appreciated.