Create an Enterprise Account using APIs

Does anyone know how to programmatically sign up an account for Enterprise access?

I can’t find an API that allows me to spin up an account. I can create a user, and programmatically create a dashboard from a template and make my own data source with APIs, but I cannot create the underlying account first that I need before creating all of the other resources.

My use case: I build training materials and we spin up 25+ accounts for each class we deliver. I need to: create an Enterprise account, create a user, create a data source, create a data set, create a template, and create an analysis. I have everything finished except create an Enterprise account.

If this does not currently exist, is a create-account API in the works or can I request it somehow?

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Account management APIs are currently unavailable in QuickSight, but it is part of our product feature roadmap.

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Second this requirement. We deploy an enterprise SaaS for our users, which also includes reporting using QS.

@mccuisp One workaround that you can do is using CloudFormation with a CustomResource. This CR runs a Lambda, which logs into the AWS console using a pre-signed URL, with a user/role that only has enough permissions to setup QuickSight. Then use Puppeteer to click thru the UI to sign up for an account. I have done something similar (but have not finished yet) for VPC connection creation.


I was thinking about using something like Puppeteer to click through the UI to sign up. I have a Lambda function that creates a user right now, so I just have to click through those account setup steps before everything works correctly. We’ll use that fix for now and when the APIs come out for creating and deleting an account, we’ll switch over. Thank you for the great suggestion!

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