Create Custom title with Parameter


I want to create a title with formatting of parameter. My parameter’s datatype is Datetime. Title should ending with Month and year(‘MMM-YY’) of my parameter.

Please let me know if there is any way to use formatDate function with parameter.


Hi Naren. I believe this is what you’re looking for: Using parameters in titles and descriptions in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for the response. I can able to add the parameter in title, but not with exact format.

In the above snapshot is for your reference. I want to change date as “Mar-22” instead of “2022-03-01”

You coudl use this function to format the date according to your needs:

Hi JoseB

I Couldn’t able to add formatDate in Title.


Hi NarenS

Did you ever get an answer on this? I have the same query and am looking for a way to achieve the same.

Thanks in advance

Hi Lillie,

NarenS’ follow up question is the same that I have as well. Is there a way to format a Date parameter in the title editor?

@JoseB-aws - did you see the responses here - formatDate does not (seem to) work in titles, you can only use text or parameters.

We have a similar problem; we want to use a date parameter in a title to make clear that the data has been filtered on that date, but you cannot format the parameter and by default a date comes out YYYY-MM-DD, which is confusing for users, particularly since this is a monthly report and everywhere else we’re just talking about the month. Formatting as MMM-YY would solve this, but from the last couple of hours of digging I just don’t think it’s possible?

Hello, @lillie!
I’d just like to help build momentum for this request. I have not been able to use formatDate, or any other expression, in order to format a Datetime parameter inside of a Title/Sub-title. As far as I can tell, the only available format is the default (YYYY-MM-DD).

Thank you for looking into this, Quicksight Team :slight_smile:

Hi NickA

Thanks for sharing your feedback .

However , i would like to share alternate approach if this helps .

1/ You can have parameter such as pDate set with relative date

2/ and then create LastLoadDate as

3/ Create Insights picking LastLoadDate .

4/ Customize narrative and create computations


5/ Use that computed field as part of Insight editor and create Title/subtitle

Let me know if this is helpful.


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It’s a lot of steps, but that’s workable! Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

@Neeraj - I am in a similar boat to @JRK and @NickA as I would like to display the datetime Parameter but formatted version of the value instead of the default.

I realize this question is closed, but can we suggest this as a QS feature request? Being able to apply formula functions to parameters within the Title and Subtitles Edit interface?

Below is an example of my attempt to edit the parameter and apply a function to just display the month of the selected parameter value.

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I also agree to @bkasen. The default format YYYY-MM-DD is too restrictive. Can we add this as a feature request? I also need to apply a formatDate to the parameter in visual titles. However it is not possible and saw this query in community.