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I have concern in dashboard creation in same account for exisitng definition. I take the definition from describe-dashboard-definition cli command and with that definition i use that in json for " create-dashboard " cli command . While doing so I get creation successful but i do not see the dashboard on console even though its created and is visible in “list dashboards”. I am the admin so its not a permission issue.

Not sure what the issue is. please do help

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cli command
aws quicksight create-dashboard --aws-account-id ***** --dashboard-id *****–name test --dash-publish-options file://dashboard.json --definition file://dash.json

Hello @ajio - Thank you for posting your query. Although you are admin, you need to share the dashboard with you. Otherwise being an admin you will be able to see it under “Manage Assets” (within the Manage QuickSight menu), but not under the "Dashboards: located in the navigation menu. I would request you to go to Manage QuickSight > Manage Assets > Locate the Dashboard > Share it with your username explicitly > Come back to the home screen and see if it now appears under the Dashboards section. Hope this helps!

thanks @sagmukhe that works…awesome!!

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Hello, i have been trying to use the describe-dashboard-definition cli command but i get the following error:

Invalid choice: ‘describe-dashboard-definition’, maybe you meant:

  • describe-dashboard-permissions

Any idea what might be the reason?

Cli command used:
$ aws quicksight describe-dashboard-definition --aws-account-id *********** --dashboard-id ************** > description_output.txt