Create ingestion limit of 32?

How can we built anything of significance with such a low limit, which also cannot be raised?

  • API_CREATE-INGESTION: Calls per 24-hour period from Enterprise edition: 32
  • Adjustable: No

So I want to refresh reports 2x a day, which means I am able to have just 16 data sets per account, without the ability to raise this. This seems extremely limiting.

Any reason for such low limits?


32 times is for manual refresh and is per dataset in the account ( CreateIngestion - ) .


@Koushik_Muthanna ok, good to know, thanks. The docs are entirely not clear that this is per dataset. So maybe this can be improved.

What is considered manual? Is using the AWS API considered to be “manual”?

Here is an example to make it easier :
Dataset name : Sales Pipeline
QuickSight UI : Schedule a refresh set for hourly

Between 10 AM to 12 PM : the dataset was refreshed manually ( QuickSight UI : Refresh Now , QuickSight API Call : CreateIngestion )

Once the limit of 32 has been reached , trying to refresh will provide you the following notification
Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 09.30.22

Scheduled hourly refresh will still continue running as usual.