Create user with role Reader


As you can see from the image I’m uploading, my account doesn’t have an option to create a user with a Reader role, just Admin or Author.

I am account admin and with access via IAM user.

Has anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it?

Hi @jose,

Click on Invite users and you should be able to create readers. The role displayed here is for users who are all already registered with a possiblity for eg upgrading an AUTHOR to ADMIN.


Hi @Koushik_Muthanna

Thanks for your help but to change the role if user exists in account, it’s necessary to remove and add again?

for the existing user, you can only upgrade. For instance from READER to AUTHOR/ADMIN or from AUTHOR to ADMIN.
If you want to downgrade a user, you need to remove and invite again


I think we need a better feature. Because we don’t just have the user’s problem, but a rework with Analyzes and Dashboards that were created by the user will be passed on to someone or it will be without owner and when adding the user again it will be necessary to share and make as owner.

sorry that I didn’t mention the rationale before. If a AUTHOR has created a dashboard and he was downgraded to READER. Then, no one will be able to author the dashboard anymore. This is one of the reason that a AUTHOR should not be downgraded to READER

In the case you mentioned, may I know why a downgrade from AUTHOR to READER is required?