Created Dashboard (API) does not show in GUI

With the API I create a dashboard from a template (boto3: create_dashboard).
I get the response CreationStatus=CREATION_IN_PROGRESS.
When I list the dashboard with API or CLI it looks fine. When I have a look in the GUI the dashboard does not show up.
I suspect that the creation run into some problem but I have no idea how to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. Very frustrating.

Is it shared with your user?

That would be my guess.

I think you somehow point me to the right direction.
But I still do not understand what is wrong.

This is what i give the create_dashboard() function.

[{'Principal': 'arn:aws:quicksight:eu-west-1:XXXXXX:user/default/AWSReservedSSO_AWSAdministratorAccess_02064a2839d2a285/jesper.almstrom@xxxx.xx', 'Actions': ['quicksight:DescribeDashboard', 'quicksight:ListDashboardVersions', 'quicksight:UpdateDashboardPermissions', 'quicksight:QueryDashboard', 'quicksight:UpdateDashboard', 'quicksight:DeleteDashboard', 'quicksight:DescribeDashboardPermissions', 'quicksight:UpdateDashboardPublishedVersion']}]

But this is the result from describe_dashboard_permission

    "Status": 200,
    "DashboardId": "xxx_xxx_xxx",
    "DashboardArn": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-west-1:12345677890:dashboard/xxx_xxx_xxx",
    "Permissions": [],
    "RequestId": "8fc284a2-27f3-4567-9c8f-28eb3fe6f696",
    "LinkSharingConfiguration": {
        "Permissions": []

I will try to apply the permission again with update_dashboard_permission but I would like to get it right from the create command.

Thanks, Jesper

This is the result from update permissions

aws quicksight update-dashboard-permissions --aws-account-id XXXXXXXXXX --dashboard-id my_dashboard --grant-permissions file://dashboard-permission.json

An error occurred (ConflictException) when calling the UpdateDashboardPermissions operation: Cannot update dashboard when it is in CREATION_FAILED state

So somehow the creation failed but I have no possibility to check what did go wrong.

Hmm it looks like the dashboard isn’t created then.

Can you share with me your code for creating it?

Also, did you provide a template?

SourceEntity (dict) –

Here is how we create an analysis in the CLI. Hope this can help out with some of the syntax.

Source Entity File:

“SourceTemplate”: {
“DataSetReferences”: [
“DataSetPlaceholder”: “name_of_dataset_1”,
“DataSetArn”: “arn_of_dataset_1”
“DataSetPlaceholder”: “name_of_dataset_2”,
“DataSetArn”: “arn_of_dataset_2”
“Arn”: “arn_of_template”

Command to create an analysis:

aws quicksight create-analysis --aws-account-id account_id --analysis-id id_you_want --name ‘Name You Want’ --source-entity file://path_to_file/source_entity_file.json --profile your_profile

To update the analysis permissions with my principal.

Source Entity:


"AwsAccountId": "awsaccount",

"AnalysisId": "the_analysis_id",

"GrantPermissions": [


        "Principal": "arn_of_principal",

        "Actions": [

            "quicksight:RestoreAnalysis", "quicksight:UpdateAnalysisPermissions", "quicksight:DeleteAnalysis", "quicksight:QueryAnalysis", "quicksight:DescribeAnalysisPermissions", "quicksight:DescribeAnalysis", "quicksight:UpdateAnalysis"





Command to share an analysis:

aws quicksight update-analysis-permissions --cli-input-json file://path_to_file/shareanalysis.json