Creating a date constant

I need a date constant that isn’t tied to one of my column values. For instance, I have dates for people that opened account 1 and dates for people that opened account 2. I want a pivot table that has the dates in the row, and count of people that opened account 1 and account 2 for values. If I use the dates for people that opened account 1, account 2 numbers wont populate and vice versa. How do I make it so both counts show up on one pivot table? I tried extracting the date from the original date, I tried parsedate, neither worked. When I use those, whatever account type date I extracted the date from will work; the other won’t.


can you handle this with parameter ? this will hold your constant value and used anywhere.

Naveed Ali

I don’t want it to be a drop down list. I was hoping to use it in a pivot table. Is that possible with parameters? Sorry, new to this.

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