Creating a retention curve

Hi everyone! I’m putting up a new post, which is a continuation from a previous post I made. This is part two of my analysis.

Using this tutorial on youtube, I was able to build pivot charts to do a cohort analysis, which works well (sample data)

The next step in my analysis is to create a retention curve which I found on this website and this website.
While the cohort analysis on my pivot table does a pretty good job of showing retention, a client retention curve similar to the image and website link I’ve added here would help me get a great idea on how my company retains its clients over time. The metrics could cover # of orders after first visit, order value or revenue.
I’d appreciate any help on this topic as this is new to me. I’ve also attached a copy of my analysis on Arena if that helps.

Hello @rohit_SB !

Have you tried using a sumOver function on the amount of orders and partitioning by your date field?

Hey @duncan , apologies for my late reply. I haven’t tried the sumOver technique just yet. I’ll update this thread soon!