Creating custom links in data view

We have a table with a list of invoices, and we would like to link each invoice to their details in our system. Right now the only way we’ve been able to do that is by having two fields - one for the invoice id and the other with a calculated field with the full URL, and setting their style to URL

Has anyone been able to make it so a cell in the table has a specific link? In the screenshot below, we would like to get rid of the second column and just have the column go to the links instead.


I think you would have to change the URLs in your system to contain the invoice ID. Then you can create a parameter for Invoice ID and a URL action that contains that parameter, e.g.<<$InvoiceID>>

They already do - we have the URL built like that. But I don’t want to display the whole URL in the table, just the invoiceID

Sorry, you actually don’t need to use parameters (ignore my previous reply).

I have a table that contains a list of program IDs.

Just add an action like this to your table:

When you click on a row in the table, the URL will open in your browser.

Just replace Program Id by your Invoice ID field.