Creating dynamic parameter with many variables

I have tried many times but unfortunately cannot create dynamic parameter. I have data like this

datetime sensor1 (str) variables (# ): aa1, bb1, cc1 sensor2(str) variables(#): aa2, bb2, cc2

I want to create parameter /control so that the sensors and the variable can be selected using control. Any hint how to do that.

Hi @rkhan

Are you looking to create a parameter control with each value looking similar to the following?

aa1, bb1, cc1
aa2, bb2, cc2

One option is to create a calculated field at the data set level using concat(), and join the variables (after converting them to string). You can then create a control using this new field.

Another option is using cascading controls. You can create individual control for each variable and based on the value selected in the parent coltrol, child controls show only relevant values.
When creating cascading controls, the following limitations apply.

Cascading controls must be tied to dataset columns from the same dataset.
The child control must be a dropdown or list control.
For parameter controls, the child control must be linked to a dataset column.
For filter controls, the child control must be linked to a filter (instead of showing only specific values).
The parent control must be one of the following.
    A string, integer, or numeric parameter control.
    A string filter control (EXCLUDING Top-Bottom filters).
    A non-aggregated numeric filter control.
    A date filter control (EXCLUDING Top-Bottom filters).


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Thank you for the reply. I already knew that might not understand correctly. If I convert int data to str, can you explain how can I create controls like:(variable are int types, sensors are str. The bad thing is the whole sensors col rows are filled with sensor1 or sensor 2 )

sensor control:

sensor 1

variable control:
I know it can be done using field wells but I want to do on analysis

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Hi @rkhan!
You can move filter controls from the field wells to the analysis sheet.

Can you show how you did?

Hi @rkhan!
Here is the link to the doc with examples on how to add filter controls to the dashboard sheet or to the field wells.

Best Regards,

I tried using it. The issue is I have many int columns and few string. type. I want to know how to group?

Hi @rkhan!
I’m not sure what you mean by group. You want to group values within a field or across fields? Could you please share a sample of the data so I can better understand and provide a solution?


Thank you I have the following data. The Gateway1 col. fills with the same valuesi.e., G1_M1. And there are 10 Gateways ways and each has these shown variables (int, decimals) -more than 10 as well. I want to create controls that select the gateways first and then a variable from a list

Hi RKhan,

Have you tried using cascaded filter with outer filter value as “string-single-value-parameter” for sensor and inner filter value as “int-multi-value-parameter” for variable as shown below:

Thank you @AnwarAli for this demonstration. I wasnot doing something right.I havent tried this solution but i would definitely try.

Also thanks @Kellie_Burton @rajjaya for the help as well.